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  ◈ Do correctly!
  ◈ Until the last one!






For taking clean and safe living conditions to people, OH YES company was established in 2016.

Nowadays most countries and so many people are suffering from COVID 19 to the pandemic and a worse economy.

Therefore everyone in the world is feeling the importance of microbiology disinfection and pest control.

I had worked at a global big food company for over 30 years.

( 24 years in Korea, 10 years in Vietnam) Therefore have studied so much about microbiology and harmful insects and have many operating experiences In relation to keeping sanitation and controlling pests, and mice.

The slogan of our company is “ Do correctly, Catch until the last insect." The most important thing is our customer satisfaction.

We always try to work based on standards and systems. If you give us acceptance, we should return good performance.

Thanks. CEO Choi Hong Suk


OH YES Pest Control Company

Why choose OH YES Control company?

1. Have so much management experience in a global food company over 30 years ( Hygiene, Sanitation, Food Safety, Pest control, etc)

2. Specialized system in order to control harmful insects and mice and termites

3. Every activity has proceeded following a standardized process (IPCM: Integrated Pest Control Management)

4. Always consider the safety and health of customers

5. We have to do our best for better completion.

( Whenever, Do correctly, Catch the last pest. )

Integrated Pest control Management